Kyle and his wife, Lauren, were taught the values of hard work, integrity, and compassion for others at a young age by their dedicated parents, Mike and Christina (Flannery) Mullins and George and Lisa (Sebastianelli) Cobb.

Today Kyle and Lauren work together to instill a similar moral compass and devotion to family in their son, Conor.

Raised in Peckville, PA, Kyle is a graduate of Valley View High School and West Chester University. Both at home and while away at college, Kyle distinguished himself as a leader. He served as student body president of both his high school and college classes.

The principles that guided Kyle’s student life and professional life are the same principles that have shaped his decision to represent 112th District families in Harrisburg. Put simply: Kyle Mullins believes in his community and he believes in the people who make it great.

Upon graduation from West Chester, Kyle began work in the Senate Democratic Research Office. He learned about the legislative process, developed meaningful relationships, and set his sights on affecting the lives of Northeast PA families in a positive way.

In 2011, Kyle was hired by Senator John Blake to be his legislative director. Working with  Senator Blake in Harrisburg and in Northeast PA, Kyle has worked tirelessly to shepherd policies that empower families and allow our communities to thrive.

Today Kyle Mullins runs for the office of 112th District State Representative because he wants to make a real difference in the lives of those who share his own hometown values. It’s clear to Kyle that effective public service can truly improve lives.

Northeast Pennsylvania families deserve a representative in Harrisburg as dedicated and hardworking as the voters he or she serves. We can do better. And we will do better. Together we will make our great community stronger.

“I entered this race because 112th District voters deserve a representative in Harrisburg as dedicated and hardworking as the families he or she serves.

”I believe in our community. I always have and I always will. My wife and I are proud to have been born here, to live here, and to raise our family here.

”It’s time to elect a principled, responsible leader who shares our values. It’s time for real change.”
— Kyle Mullins