Kyle has a plan for his first day on the job in Harrisburg. Here are Just a few of his priorities.

Strengthen Our communities and create jobs 

Good jobs mean strong communities. Jobs and opportunities must be available at good wages so our young people can stay in Northeast PA and build their families here.

Additionally, it's critical that we develop real property tax solutions for our families and especially for our seniors. This can be accomplished by relieving homeowners of the crushing tax burden while strengthening Harrisburg’s commitment to educating our children.  

Protect hardworking families

Our community is great because our families are strong.

Children should feel safe and cared for at school. Women must feel respected and empowered at home and at work. 

Families deserve to breathe clean air and drink safe water. They deserve to know that our leaders are standing up for both.

We must work to improve veterans' services, help those battling opioid addiction, and we must strengthen the programs that protect our senior citizens.


Reform government

Government should be in the business of enriching and supporting its citizens - not Harrisburg bureaucrats and politicians. It's time to enact real reforms in Harrisburg that put our communities' and our families' best interests first.

I support a reduction in the size of the legislature, ending political gerrymandering of districts, and stopping per diems paid to Harrisburg politicians.