PRESS RELEASE - Kyle Mullins Unrolls 3-Point Plan for Reforming PA Government



PECKVILLE – Today candidate for State Representative of Pennsylvania’s 112th District, Kyle Mullins, announces his 3-Point Plan to Reform Pennsylvania’s Government.

Mullins believes that government should be in the business of enriching and supporting its citizens – not bureaucrats and politicians in Harrisburg. It’s time to enact real reforms that put our communities’ best interests first.


Kyle’s 3 Point Plan for Reforming Government:

1. The size of the legislature should be reduced. Pennsylvania's legislature is the second largest and most expensive operating legislature in the United States.

2. Gerrymandering of legislative districts is a threat to our democracy that affects all voters. We must create an independent commission to redraw our districts following each census and put an end to partisan politicians choosing their voters.

3. Our government needs far more transparency and protection from abuses: We must end per diems paid to politicians. We must require receipts for all lawmaker expense reimbursements. We must also eliminate taxpayer-funded lawmaker vehicle leases.

112th District families deserve an honest, principled leader who is not afraid to stand up for what’s right – and put families ahead of politics. It’s clear that only one candidate in this race has a real plan for creating jobs, protecting women and children, supporting hardworking local families, and reforming government. 

That’s why so many outstanding organizations and individuals – such as the SEIU, Conservation Voters of PA, the PA Sierra Club, the Scranton/Dunmore FOP, Equality PA, Pennsylvania Realtors, the Council of Carpenters, the PSEA, and Senator John Blake – are behind Kyle Mullins.