PRESS RELEASE - Kyle Mullins Announces 3-Point Plan for Protecting Women, Strengthening Families



PECKVILLE – Today candidate for State Representative of Pennsylvania’s 112th District, Kyle Mullins, announces his 3-Point Plan for Protecting Women and Strengthening Northeastern Pennsylvania Families.

It’s critical that families in our community not just survive, but thrive. Children must feel safe and cared for at school; women must feel respected and empowered at home and at work.


Kyle’s 3 Point Plan for Protecting Women and Children and Strengthening Families:

1. Women deserve our respect and our support. We need a women’s champion in Harrisburg who will ensure that women feel safe and empowered at home and at work. We must increase our commitment to those resource organizations that protect women in vulnerable circumstances. We must immediately remove firearms from those citizens who have a Protection From Abuse order filed against them. 

2. We must crack down on school bullying and workplace harassment – and we must pass legislation that forces schools and employers to adopt a zero-tolerance position when it comes to these issues.

3. It’s critical that we strengthen programs that benefit older Pennsylvanians and the veterans who protected our shores and fought for our freedom. It’s our responsibility to support and serve the people who have supported and served us, without hesitation.

112th District families deserve an honest, principled leader who is not afraid to stand up for what’s right. It’s clear that only one candidate in this race has a real plan for creating jobs, protecting women and children, and supporting hardworking local families. That’s why so many outstanding organizations – such as the SEIU, Conservation Voters of PA, the Scranton/Dunmore FOP, Pennsylvania Realtors, the Council of Carpenters, and many others – are behind Kyle Mullins.