Kyle Mullins Announces 3-Point Plan for Creating Jobs, Strengthening Economy


PECKVILLE - Today candidate for State Representative of Pennsylvania’s 112th District, Kyle Mullins, announced his 3-Point Plan to bring good jobs to Northeast PA and strengthen the economy.

Kyle Mullins believes that good jobs means a strong community. Jobs and opportunities must be available at good wages so our young people can stay in Northeast PA and raise their families here.


Kyle’s 3 Point Plan:

1. We must create better vocational, trade, and technology programs for our young people and increase our commitment to public education. We need a skilled workforce for the jobs of the future.

2. We must reduce our property tax burden on local families – especially our seniors. And we must join every other gas-producing state and insist that massive oil and gas companies pay their fair share for extracting our natural resources.

3. We must make Pennsylvania attractive to business. Our Commonwealth has one of the highest corporate net income tax rates in the country. This rate must be lower, and we must close tax loopholes that allow certain corporations to avoid paying their fair share. Creating an environment that allows small businesses to prosper is the only way we keep our young people at home, where they belong.

112th District families deserve a honest, principled leader who is not afraid to stand up for what’s right. It’s clear that only one candidate in this race has a real plan for creating jobs, strengthening our local economy, and supporting hardworking local families. That’s why so many outstanding organizations – such as the SEIU, Conservation Voters of PA, the Scranton/Dunmore FOP, Pennsylvania Realtors, the Council of Carpenters, and many others – are behind Kyle Mullins.