PRESS RELEASE - Mullins Releases New TV Ad

Offers Voters Clear Choice in Representative Race


PECKVILLE – Today candidate for State Representative of Pennsylvania’s 112th District, Kyle Mullins, announced the release of his campaign’s first television spot.

Titled “Kyle Mullins Cares,” the spot features Lauren Mullins, Kyle Mullins wife, detailing Kyle’s record of fighting for hardworking families and his plans to continue this work as representative of the 112th District.

Watch the ad by clicking on the image below.

The spot will run across the 112th District on broadcast television.



Lauren Mullins: If there’s one thing you should know about my husband, it’s that he cares about people. For the past eleven years, Kyle has dedicated himself to public service.

He believes in our community and knows how important it is for all families to succeed.

As our next representative, Kyle will work to create good jobs here at home, reform our government, and protect our women, children, and seniors.”

On May 15th this guy gets our vote.

Kyle Mullins: I’m Kyle Mullins and I gladly approve this message.